schoappied schoappied at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 04:43:21 PST 2008

Hi devs,

Little comment about the content of the file 'PACKAGER_README', quote:

> You may not distribute binaries of Ardour with VST support. Doing so
> is a violation of the license agreement for the Steinberg VST SDK. If
> you are found to be distributing such binaries, you risk both
> prosecution by Steinberg and public humiliation by me.
especially this sentence:

> you risk public humiliation by me.

I find this sentence unnecessarily  hostile/ aggressive. IMHO there is 
never a reason to public humiliate someone.  That's why they closed the 
'Abu Graib' prison in Iraq.... ;)

Moreover such a statement is unprofessional imho.

So could you please state this different?

Thanks in advance,


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