[Ardour-Dev] [PATCH] Markers' labels overlapping

Sylvain HENRY hsyl20 at yahoo.fr
Sun Mar 23 18:34:08 PDT 2008


With the latest 2.0-ongoing svn version, there is a minor annoying problem with markers' labels. For instance, if your "punch in" and "punch out" markers are too close, the label for "punch in" is over the "punch out" marker and you can't move the latter.

I've made a patch that solves this problem. See the attached file. Thanks in advance for committing it.


PS: while I was doing this patch, I encountered another bug: with a fresh install of 2.0-ongoing, font of markers' labels is nice. But after the creation of a new marker, the default font for markers' labels is changed (bold and size not adapted). I have to delete config file in ~/.ardour/ to get the nice font back.

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