[Ardour-Dev] /branches/sbergen suitable for user testing?

Sakari Bergen sakari.bergen at tkk.fi
Fri Jul 18 06:08:43 PDT 2008

The changes in my branch are only export and metadata related. So 
anything that works in the 3.0 branch, should work in my branch also. 
That being said, the 3.0 branch usually has problems loading 2.X 
sessions and is quite unstable regarding audio.

Running sessions saved from my branch should not cause problems when 
opened in 3.0. It saves some extra information into the session file 
(metadata) and into instant.xml files (export setup). The metadata and 
export setup gets lost when saved in 3.0. But, since export doesn't work 
in 3.0 anyway I don't see this as a problem :)

Some people have already been testing it out, and I'm always interested 
in getting feedback and crash reports. I try to fix all crashes ASAP, 
but I can't promise anything regarding feature requests. 
(#ardour at freenode is the preferred communication channel, you can always 
write to me there, and I'll read it when I'm at my computer. E-mail is 
ok too.)

Things are quite stable right now, but I'll soon be adding 
multiplication support (i.e. exporting many specifications at once) and 
stuff might get a bit unstable again...

Thanks for all the testers so far!


Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> hi sakari, hi ardour-devs!
> is the sbergen branch suitable for user testing at this point? the 
> commit messages have made me curious to try it out.
> i don't mind gotchas in the export dialog, but is it likely that bugs 
> in other areas have been introduced? more specifically, will there be 
> a problem with sessions that are opened in branch and trunk 
> alternatingly?
> thanks and best regards,
> jörn

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