[Ardour-Dev] SMPTE track

Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Wed Jul 9 21:15:22 PDT 2008


> > - If not, what would be the best way? Adding a track mode "SMPTE
> > TC", interpreting the included data and importing it?
> no. write a JACK client that interprets SMPTE audio data as TC and
> takes control of JACK transport.

Then I won't see the timecode in ardour while editing. Basically I want 
to extract the timecode and sample offset from the timecode track (the 
timecode may start anywhere within a frame, so the correct starting 
point would be the first edge after the sync word). This only needs to 
be done once since audio and video are in sync. 

I cannot do this manually, since I don't know the timecode when the 
recording started.

> i have code (somewhere) to do the translation.

If it's no hassle, I'd be glad if you'd send it over since there's no 
need to reinvent the wheel. But it's not that hard to look for a sync 
word and decode the first LTC.

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