[Ardour-Dev] Indamixx Portable Studio available as a beta release/program

Ronald Stewart ronaldjstewart at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 16:15:49 PST 2008

To Ardour dev team,

I want to announce that Indamixx is available in beta.


 Ardourino (Ardour for small screens) is bundled with the following:

Mixxx 1.6
260 Plugins
Audacity (jack version with plugins)
IDJC (great internet radio station app)
Gnome CD master
Gnome Alsa Mixer
wifi radar

The software build was preformed by Daniel and Free over at 64studio.com

Touchscreen is a wonderful feature with Mixxx as you can mix on the
touch screen or you can automate faders and
plugins with your finger in Ardourino.

Touch is ideal with IDJC as it only takes three clicks to podcast or
stream audio live.

For portable beat mixing I used a USB headphone CODEC as my headphone
mix and the internal speakers or headphone output for the 'house'
audio.  Works great!

The hardware is the Samsung Q1 Ultra.  It comes with a 90 day
manufacturers warranty.  Online technical support is provided by
64studio.com for 90 days and we have included 90 days of icecast2
server access for those who enjoy streaming audio with IDJC (I sure

Free Fedex shipping for USA.  Email me if you have another ship to
destination at ronaldjstewart at gmail.com and we can work something out.

known fixes are:
internal mic not working as of 1-20-2008 (being fixed with Alsa team)

Free, wrote a nice script for apt-get for the distro improvements.

The price is $999.99 USD which is as low as I can get these in small quantities.

I welcome your support, feedback, contributions, plus any and all questions.

Thank you

Ronald Stewart
Trinity Audio Group Inc.

ronaldjstewart at gmail.com
sales at trinityaudiogroup.com
310.733.9285 8am - 8pm pst mon.-sat.
I try to catch up on my week on sundays

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