[Ardour-Dev] Testing 2.2 OSX Intel

Matt at yahoo matt_0pr at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 17 00:46:04 PST 2008

Hi everybody, and thank you for the excellent work on the 2.2 Version !!

Very cool features there !!!!

I've been testing it during a little hour or two.. and they are some 
things non-working... so I hope it could help.. Would some more testing 
interesting for you ?

Using MacBook, OSX 10.4.11

Here are the things... one more time I'm not complaining, I only wants 
to help !!


- Envelope Gain problem -> When using the Gain tool, Ardour crashes very 
- Moving region on another track in splice mode without any Gain 
envelope -> the region does'nt move and sometimes Ardour crashes
- I can't click on anything in he Pitch-Shift (F5) window, only close it.

- The z zooms region. but Z doesn't select the Zoom tool, as expected ?

Audio Unit things

- When inserting an AU plugin (from Apple) in the mixer and editing it, 
the GUI appears, but then, after closing the window with the mouse 
(Command-w does not work), and re-editing it, the GUI is blank.
- Editing 3 different AU plugins, closing one or two of them make these 
GUIs disappear, but when closing all the 3, the GUI windows appears 
using F10, but it's impossible to select them... and they disappear 
after a Alt-TAB
- Focusing the AU GUI window, keyboard shorcuts do not work, cannot 
- The parameters are not stored when closing session... however, no 
automation at all.

- It's impossible to change the order of the tracks either in the editor 
or the mixer

Keyboard Shortcuts

- Says, I want to redefine the "Big Clock" command. I click on the good 
line, and press "Command b"
then it appears as <Alt>b
Then the "Command b" seems to duplicate the selected region at the mouse 
Big Clock appears when pressing "alt b"
And the changes are not saved after relaunching Ardour

Greetings from Réunion Island, excuse my (very ?) bad english !!!

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