[Ardour-Dev] **TEST** release of ardour 2.2

John Anderson ardour at semiosix.com
Sat Jan 12 09:08:04 PST 2008

On Fri, 2008-01-11 at 23:44 -0500, Paul Davis wrote:
> There is new tarball up:
>      http://ardour.org/files/releases/ardour-2.2-test2903.tar.bz2
> up at the website. This is NOT a release, but it is available for
> testing by interested parties. It corresponds, as the name suggests, to
> svn revision 2903, so svn users can simply update and test the result.
> Assuming no major thinkos or major new bugs surface, I will release this
> on Monday. It would have been released this week until some problems on
> OS X surfaced and delayed things by a day or two.

>From the log window:

[ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot connect ardour:auditioner/out 1 (ardour:auditioner/out 1) to ardour:master/in (ardour:master/in)
[ERROR]: AudioEngine: cannot connect ardour:auditioner/out 2 (ardour:auditioner/out 2) to ardour:master/in (ardour:master/in)

note that "ardour:master/in" isn't "ardour:master/in 1" or "ardour:master/in 2", which is what I have in the preferences window.


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