[Ardour-Dev] Overlaps & crossfades

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Thu Jan 3 23:45:52 PST 2008

Paul Davis wrote:
> In your use of Ardour, I would avoid any use of region transparency. No
> other system that you can find offers this, and it confuses most users,
> as it appears to have confused you. There is a reasonable chance that it
> is a feature that will be removed from Ardour in the future.

I have recently used region transparency to fix the intensity of 
sibilants in a choral recording, and would hate to see it disappearing 
into to big code archive in the sky...

Perhaps the problem lies with the documentation that needs attention, 
and not (allegedly) confusing features to be removed.  I always say, If 
I can figure out the use of a feature, anyone can.  The easiest might be 
an ardour manual wiki - Pity about the spamming idiots around making 
that option non-viable.


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