[Ardour-Dev] export hangs in v2.3

Jason Schaefer schaefer.jason at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 16:18:01 PST 2008


I have a project with 7 tracks. 6 of the tracks I want to export and I
have cd range markers set. When I export it, sometimes it exports all
6 and the first one is correct the second is a digital sine sounding
noise and the others are silent. Other times it exports 1 or 2 silent
tracks and hangs. Now when I click the export it writes a 44byte wav
and hangs.

Something possibly related... my 1st track, that I am not exporting,
is really long. I ended the range markers at the end of track 7 and
export still went through the motion of exporting the entire project
(end of track1). I thought I would move the "end" marker up to the end
of track 7 so the export would stop but it still goes to the end track
1. Seems the export should stop at the last range marker or the end
marker.  Anyways, the problem just got worse the more I do, so I'm
writing you.

Also, I do get a message about memory limits (ulimit -l 250000), I
have 1.5gb physical memory. Should I change my memory limit?

Thanks for your help, let me know if you need anything more from me.

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