[Ardour-Dev] [64studio-devel] Ardour 2.3 problems

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Sat Feb 23 11:45:21 PST 2008

Paul Davis wrote:
> Preferences -> Misc 
> set history (saved and in-memory to zero).
> try again. let me know.

Now it bombed out directly after the first move...  Blast.  I'll try again.

Try 2:  I could make 3 moves, memory not diminishing, but during the 
4th, it crashed and burned again.  I don't think memory is solely to 
blame.  If only bugs were not multifaceted monsters lurking behind the 
code just waiting to jump an unsuspecting user when he has a deadline 

Ok, what do you want me to do next ;-)


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