[Ardour-Dev] Ardour 2.3 released

Dan Tepper soundman at wintaper.com
Sat Feb 23 08:53:00 PST 2008

> Paul Davis wrote:
> USB surfaces such as?

I have a Tascam US2400 that I love. Granted, it is an older piece of
equipment. While it does work with Ardour, There are two major issues.

The first is that it is a pain to manually assign all of the controls
using "learn". Ardour will seg-fault every 3 or 4 controls, requiring a
restart. The code that is doing the MIDI detection isn't handling
whatever exceptions are being thrown. Because of this, it can take
_hours_ to do a complex 24 channel setup with sends and EQ. I can get
around this with templates, but templates are somewhat of a pain - with
no "Save As" feature I always have to remember what I called the file if
I change the default.

The second problem with my US2400 is that once configured, moving faders
 fairly often results in a segfault. This means I have to be careful
when I use the surface, and pretty much prohibits its use during
recording. A few versions back, this was a big problem because after a
crash, the track order would get scrambled, and because the fonts were
so hard to read, I hard a hard time finding things in large projects and
again it took a while to set everything straight again. the track
scrambling happened after any  crash, not just a midi related one. I
believe that problem existed in 2.1 and I rolled back to 2.0 at the time)

I understand that the Tascam US2400 is a older unit and I do not expect
Ardour to support it. Its an amazing feat that it even works at all.
What would be nice is some graceful error handling around the midi
handling - I doubt i'm the only one seeing this behavior around the
"learn" feature.

All this being said - I'm still using ardour for smaller and personal
projects (and I'm a subscriber). It has and continues to serve me well.


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