[Ardour-Dev] Playlist ordering (track ordering)

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Feb 21 05:30:05 PST 2008

Thanks for the explanation Paul.

Did you happen to see my query yesterday (about unused playlists) ?

I guess these are analogous to tapes that are stored away in the cupboard
(which suggests that there's a way of taking them out of the cupboard and
putting them on a newly created track).  But is such a feature implemented -
or are the unused playlists there for an entirely different reason (such as,
making the undo process simpler?)


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>> >
>> > arrangement in what?
>> >
>> In Ardour.  For example, the session state file might have seven
>> playlists
>> (named Audio1 thru Audio7) ordered Audio1, Audio2, Audio3 etc.  But
>> when I load them into Ardour, Audio1 is topmost, then Audio5 is below
>> Audio1, then Audio2 is below Audio5 etc.
>> In other words each time I load a new session, its playlists always
>> appear
>> in a certain order on Ardour's canvas (reading from top to bottom) but
>> that
>> isn't necessarily the same order as they appear to be in if you look at
>> the
>> session state file.  This is something I'd never noticed before and I
>> just
>> wondered what affects their ordering?
> This is another terminology problem, nothing more.
> Playlists are not tracks.
> Tracks are tape recorders/players.
> Playlists are the tapes.
> Clear?
> Tracks are the one that have "order" in the window(s), not playlists.

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