[Ardour-Dev] Using Ardour as a framework

Peter Brooks peter at theneb.co.uk
Sun Feb 17 12:15:57 PST 2008

Hi Dev's,
I'm coming back round to a project I've been working on, using the
engine behind liquidsoap (http://savonet.sourceforge.net) to create a
playout system front end.

Liquidsoap is a script-based streaming application, based on ocaml.
The team are starting to reach a level of maturity when it comes to
production applications that are useful when streaming audio.

I am writing to you guys to show my intentions and if anyone has any
tips/viewpoints. I wouldn't initially consider this as part of the
same trunk as ardour.

Certainly all the GUI aspects would remain the same and I would add a
new transport for interacting with the liquidsoap interface. The core
functionality would change to the following functions:

My early goals are to:
Create a music library,
Implement a hot-keys jingles system,
Messaging system,
Multiple X-Sessions/displays,
Link into main ardour to edit tracks for the radio (ie remove swear words),
Tagging tracks using musicbrainz.
Automation scheduler.

And many more typical radio station tasks.

Some of this however might conflict with the views on audio formats
that you guys hold, I would aim to be using ogg to store music files
in the library.

Peter Brooks

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