[Ardour-Dev] Ardour 2.3 released

t_w_ at freenet.de t_w_ at freenet.de
Tue Feb 12 03:46:30 PST 2008

Fons Adriaensen:

> * Generally it's a bit too easy to move things accidentally.
>   There's undo of course but you quickly get tired of this.
>   If you lock a region it can't be moved at all. Using some
>   modifier key to enable moving a region would help. 

You mean a modifier key to move locked regions, not always
requiring a modifier to move regions, I assume.

How about just a shortcut to toggle locking?

> * There are two ways to have fine control on the time scale:
>   - The first one is too zoom in up to a magnification
>     where the screen resolution is no longer the limiting
>     factor. But then you quickly get lost since you don't
>     have a larger scale view. It's just not practical to
>     work at a zoom level that provides enough resolution.

Same problem here, allthough all the zoom shortcuts do  
help quite a bit.

Maybe this asks for 2 views, overview with selection and 
deatil view of the selection. I see 2 main ways of doing this: 
split canvas or some kind of overlay window. Of course 
implementing either would be quite a task and complicate 
the interface.

>   - the 'nudge' keys. Currently the smallest step is 10ms,
>     and that's too much. Also it's a pain to change the 
>     step size, and the hh:mm:ss:dd format isn't really
>     what you need here. There are several solutions for
>     this that would not take up more screen space than
>     the current controls.

What would these solutions be?

> * Some way to 'scrub the tape' would be very practical
>   to locate the point you want to edit. All it needs is
>   a small textured strip somewhere that you move with
>   the mouse, and having a variable scale factor.

Do you mean something like Sweep's Scrubby?

> Going to the 'attention to detail' level, arbitrary
> quantisation of control values is a general problem.
> Sometimes you want to set up *exactly* -20dB gain for
> example. On a 'professional' tool it should be possible
> to do this (but maybe I'm missing the trick).

Automation nodes should have numercial entry.

Thorsten Wilms

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