[Ardour-Dev] LADSPA plugins on Mac OS X

Otto Maddox ottomaddox at fastmail.fm
Sun Feb 3 10:04:05 PST 2008

Hi, I'm learning how to make LADSPA plugins for use on Mac OS X.

As a starting point, I downloaded binary plugins from http://www.ardour.org/requirements_osx , but these packages don't come with sources.  None of their respective homepages provides source distributions which compile on OS X.  So I can only assume that these binary packages have been made by Ardour people.

Understanding the ladspa.h API is fine.  I just need to know how to which compile to the appropriate dynamic library (.so or .dylib) format for OS X.  I've been trying stuff like

$ gcc -I. -Wall -dynamiclib -fPIC -o simpleplugin.so (or simpleplugin.dylib) simpleplugin.c

where simpleplugin.c #includes ladspa.h , and I usually end up with a successful compilation.  The problem is that the resulting plugins never seem to be registered by, for example, Audacity, but installing plugins from your binary packages is usually OK.  I'm aware that I need to have .rdf files too, but I'm not sure it's even all compiling correctly in the first place.

Can somebody please show me some example LADSPA source which works on Mac OS X, so that I can use it to learn how to make my own plugins?
  Otto Maddox
  ottomaddox at fastmail.fm

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