[Ardour-Dev] again: saved visual state

Markus Schwarzenberg schwarzb at ipms.fraunhofer.de
Mon Dec 15 23:33:01 PST 2008

in r4271 the changes in gtk2_ardour/editor_ops.cc that made saving
visual state working here (r4229, r4230) have been reverted. Why did
this happen? I'm getting the impression that somehow there must be 
two different use cases for saving visual state and i'm trying to use
the wrong one (or something like that). At least, for me now it's 
dysfunctional again.

I also wonder why in gtk2_ardour/editor_actions.cc the
goto-visual-state- actions are bound to  Editor::cancel_visual_state_op
instead of Editor::goto_visual_state as i'd expect from the naming.

Markus Schwarzenberg

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