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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Aug 3 08:11:12 PDT 2008

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Dana Simmons wrote:
> Sounds like an interesting feature. I can't think of any similar
> feature in other daws and coulb be very powerful if implemented well.

really? Most of the commercial DAW do provide a timeline and monitor
window. But true, most of them are neither modular nor inter-operate
well with other software.

Thanks for the feedback, we should continue this on ardour-user.
Part of this process is to find out which features are accepted by
various Ardour users. For the time being I'd appreciate backing from
ardour-devs; and feedback on http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=2364
 - probably bad timing since everyone is on holiday or off: celebrating
and compiling OGG Theora in Firefox3.1. - I should be, too.

> The frustrations of syncing audio and video, I've found, mainly arise
> out of inexperience and can almost always be solved with the proper
> tools and techniques.
heh. that applies to the vast majority of frustrations on this planet ;)

> While a scene by scene account in a track within
> ardour would be useful, without a monitor like xjadeo, the job of
> sound design is not really simplified.

sure, xjadeo won't go away. It may be superseeded.

I follow the unix "small is beautiful" paradigm: there'll be a set of
small tools: video-decoder, frame-cache, session-control, jack-sync,
monitor-window, timeline-renderer. use what you need. There are already
applications crystallizing, currently only for testing.

> I noticed in the screen shot
> you provided that there are two anicomp windows witch I assume are
> used as monitors, similar to xjadeo.

I guess they are. The aniComp screen shot is from 2005 - done by CMT for
their animatics engine.

I did not yet make a screen shot with xjadeo, but I can do next time.
http://mir.dnsalias.com/_media/wiki/ardour2vis.png is a less stunning
picture showing recent ardour2.5.

> Would such a monitor system be
> implemented along side the new playlist/track features or am I missing
> something?

yes, that was the first step. currently works like xjadeo.
Actually all of this is part of an effort to improve shortcomings of
xjadeo. read-ahead and video-caching are prerequisites to improve

ardour does not need to change much. Video-data is provided to ardour by
a standalone application (via TCP). The same video-server can feed a
monitor-window. Technically it's a bit more complicated.
I'm thinking to add a videoJACK-port so that one can connect other
software as well but that does not address A/V post-production use cases.

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