[Ardour-Dev] Ardour 2.4.1 (and 2.4) released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Apr 9 16:05:21 PDT 2008

Not only is 2.4.1 out, but I never sent email notification of the
release of 2.4. So here are both announcements at once, for those who
don't keep up with the website. Package maintainers should please take
note of the filetype icons and desktop files.


Changes since 2.4 
      * new "Insert Time" operation (see the Track menu) 
      * fix problems with port insert I/O configuration 
      * clocks used for duration start at 0|0|0 in BBT mode, not 1|1|0 
      * audio file suffix detection is now case-insensitive 
      * fix missing undo/redo for region drags 
      * fix problems with dragging in Locked Edit mode 
      * rename menu items for monitoring options, and make the one based
        on JACK insensitive if there are no JACK ports capable of being
        monitored in that way 
      * make plugin latency compensation work for AU's 
      * fix incorrect muting of regions when auditioning a crossfade 
      * add a declicking fade at start and end of any audition 
      * fixes for window sizes of AU plugin GUIs, 
      * fix "hidden AU GUI shows up when app becomes active/focus again"
      * new LevelMeter class used for all meters

Contributors: Paul, Doug Mclain, Sakari Bergen, Ben Loftis

      * on OS X, direct support for import of all file types supported
        by CoreAudio, including MP3 and AAC. Linux users can take
        comfort: there is ongoing work to offer similar capabilities on
        their platform. 
      * per-track faders in editor window 
      * Freesound integration (direct searching and download of samples
        from Freesound) via the Import dialog. 
      * Vertical auto-scrolling (if you drag a region off the top or
        bottom of the editor, the editor "canvas" will scroll just as it
        does now with left/right scrolling) 
      * AU GUIs basically working (issues remain with SmartElectronix
        plugins but we're working them to fix the situation) 
      * AU automation working 
      * New option to create xrun markers on the location markerbar 
      * Tape Machine monitoring mode ( description) 
      * Rubberbanding Snaps to Grid (self explanitory I hope, defaults
        to off) 
      * Per-track gain faders in the editor window (when the track
        height is large enough) 
      * dynamic discovery & loading of keybindings 
      * Locked Edit mode disallows sliding regions in time. Override by
        holding 3rd mouse button 
      * Font size scaler in Windows -> Preferences -> Misc 
      * MIDI auto-rebinding patch (the first N controllers always
        control the first N tracks in the mixer, no matter which tracks
        they are)
      * Updated French translation 
      * Newly added audio (recorded/imported/embedded) is not analyzed
        by default (an option exists to control this). if you use "split
        at percussive onsets" frequently, you may want to turn the
        option on to avoid having to do the analysis on demand. 
      * New menu arrangement (less clutter, more logical for the most
      * Enforce unique names for playlists, busses and tracks 
      * Pop up warning dialog for massive split operations 
      * Try to make adding lots of regions (e.g. from split-at-points)
        scale a bit better 
      * Splash screen displays startup/progress messages 
      * New grabber mouse edit point cursor used when edit point is set
        to mouse and the mouse is in object mode 
      * Allow ardour to use the (hard) maximum number of open files 
      * Make import GUI report if you are importing a file of a name
        that already exists in the session. 
      * super-optimize meter drawing 
      * Remove beat entry from meter dialog (beats are not allowed in
      * Notably speed up startup time by deferring track display untl
        the GUI is idle 
      * Put focus in plugin search entry when plugin selector is shown 
      * New FREEDESKTOP scons option installs desktop MIME entry
        and .desktop file. Also uses fd.o standard names and locations
        for icons. 
      * Minimize clock redrawing 
      * Rearrange icons/presets on xfade editor to be symmetric 
      * Add CAF to list of likely audio file suffixes 
      * Add a quick file type icon. 
      * Improvements on the FFT analysis tool 
              * Enable FFT analysis by default 
              * FFT graph is now drawn using Cairo 
              * The window is now a window instead of a dialog 
              * Analysis window can be resized 
              * The view can be switched between normalized and an
                absolute value 
              * The minimum and maximum values for a graph can be shown 
      * Enable icon-start-from-.ardour-file to work on OS X 
      * Ignore dbl-clicks on mute/solo/rec-enable buttons since they
        make the user-experience feel inconsistent
      * AU plugins work on PPC 
      * copy-n-paste of AU plugins working 
      * fix problem where peakfile is slightly older than audio data
        even though it is ready 
      * prevent flush_pending() calls from "top menu" items on OS X from
        locking the GUI 
      * fix splashscreen crash 
      * fix problems with files being needlessly re-analysed at startup 
      * Fix bug which caused the current import logic to select existing
        file name as target file when importing. This caused the newly
        imported file to be concatenated after the original data. 
      * fixed uninitialized variable that made ardour scrub at the wrong
      * fix deadlock in playlist::partition(); 
      * fix up meter thread management when JACK client starts/stops/is
      * fix Playlist::partition_internal() to avoid acting on regions
        that should not be operated on given the range provided ; 
      * fix locate-play-locate 
      * make AudioRegion::master_read() obey length limit of (first)
        master source, not the region length 
      * fixes from chris cannam for rb_effect bugs 
      * fix up BWF creation 
      * fix silly error in removing channels from audio_diskstream 
      * (OS X native: don't write dynamic pango.rc into app.bundle) 
      * use Glib::get_home_dir() rather than HOME for user_ardour_path 
      * make feature lines (rhythm ferret etc) scale with zoom and hide
        them whenever RF hides 
      * properly install apple event handlers 
      * change plugin add logic to avoid asking for stream counts before
        they would be configured 
      * fix up new session dialog to not use manage(), and thus not
        throw away widgets when their page is hidden (by removal) in the
        tabbed browser 
      * fix untranslated string comparison of import mode names when
        comparing with whatever the user selected 
      * fix dragging that involves locked regions 
      * stop crash occuring when carrying out playlist partitions in
        empty playlists

Contributors to this release

Paul, Doug Mclain, Sampo Savolainen, Ben Loftis, Nick Mainsbridge,Dave
Cameron, Chris Cannam, Christophe Combelles, Ryan Scott

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