[Ardour-Dev] 2.4 lock edit issue

Guillaume Pellerin yomguy at altern.org
Wed Apr 2 09:09:04 PDT 2008

Paul Davis wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 15:39 +0000, Axel Müller wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Seems in the last moment there went something wrong with lock edit. In an 
>> earlier svn-ongoing it worked as expected, but in the release when in 
>> lock edit mode and middle mouse dragging the region first moves but on 
>> release jumps back to its old position.
> entirely possible. there were some deep problems with lock edit mode
> interacting with region-copy-drag. i thought i had checked all the
> possibilities, but apparently not. i'll fix it soon, it just won't be in
> a release.

Congratulations for this 2.4 !

A few more bugs :
- a CTRL+Z doesn't place a region at its original state when it has been dragged
- can't just _link_ a WAV file when imported
- can't 'Import to region list' after one has been imported before
- no automatic crossfade between regions when superimposed.

But maybe the last one needs a new special option I don't know yet...


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