[Ardour-Dev] OSC - development

Stefan Kreitmayer stefankreitmayer at gmx.de
Mon Sep 24 06:52:19 PDT 2007

hello list / paul

for my diploma thesis, i need an ardour-version that is widely 
osc should work as an interface between ardour and
a) a scripting language
b) pd/supercollider/processing, etc

in addition to the osc-features that are currently in the trunk, my plan 
is to give osc-
access to many functions which are now exclusively in the province of 
the gui.
these include adding / removing tracks, connecting routes, inserting 
track mute/solo, export session/selection/ranges, import/embed audio, 
automation, etc.

also, ardour should be able to send information about its state via osc. 
think of
messages like get_number_of_audio_tracks, get_range_markers, 
is_session_loaded, etc...
which make ardour send osc-messages back.

though i'm new to ardour's development, the last few weeks of digging my way
through the code and doxy gave me a general idea of how things are built.
now at least i can add new tracks, and things like that.
AND there is quite a list of questions... (sorry this email is so long)

is anybody else currently working on something like that?

this is my first participation in a multi-developer software project.
i am highly motivated and confident i can learn whatever is necessary in 
the long term
to contribute good code that does not interfere with the plans of 
everyone else.
however, if this turns out to go far beyond my current skills & 
knowledge, it might
be smarter to finish my diploma thesis as a quick and dirty one-user hack
(i've only got 3 months to get something fairly usable done)
and focus on a clean solution afterwards - or of course leave that to 
the grown-ups :-/
any tips on this matter are highly welcome.

the other questions probably depend on answers, so i'll ask them later

thanks a lot in advance

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