[Ardour-Dev] Track order sync between editor/mixer in 2.1

Dan Tepper soundman at wintaper.com
Thu Oct 25 11:42:22 PDT 2007

I stand corrected, this behavior is not new. It just seems to be buggy

Dan Tepper wrote:
> I use a control surface, so when the order onscreen doesn't match my
> physical faders, it is very annoying.
> It looks like Ardour 2.1 tries to sync track list order between the
> editor window and the mixer window. This behavior is new in 2.1.
> Unfortunately, it does not appear to work terribly well if i make
> changes in both track lists, they get scrambled easily. Even worse, v
> 2.1 has also segfaulted a few times while i'm re-ordering the tracks.
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