[Ardour-Dev] SIGSEGV on moving tempo marker

Colin Fletcher colinf at axicon.com
Thu Nov 15 07:32:42 PST 2007

Colin Fletcher wrote:
> I've found what seems to be a quite repeatable crash in 2.0-ongoing SVN
> (revision 2578): I haven't tried any other versions yet.
> Steps to repeat:
>  * Create a new session
>  * Add a new tempo marker
>  * Drag the new tempo marker
>  * crunch!
> I've attached a back-trace: I can re-compile with debugging info and try
> it again if that's helpful. Anything else I should try?

Replying to myself: this was still happening with svn rev 2654, and 
actually affects meter markers as well as tempo markers.

It only happens if the marker is the first marker that you move after 
starting Ardour. Drop a location or range marker and move it first, and 
then you can drag your tempo (and meter) markers around to your heart's 

I think this is because drag_info.copy isn't initialised properly in 
gtk2_ardour/editor_mouse.cc, in Editor::start_tempo_marker_grab() and 

I've attached a patch that seems to fix it for me. I hope this is the 
right place to send it to.

Colin Fletcher.

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