[ardour-dev] 2.0.2 issues...

Lawrence T. Levine levine at yellowchicken.com
Thu May 10 17:30:43 PDT 2007

Ok... this is probably me or hopefully easy but I've been banging my head 
against the wall and now I'm stuck.... :(

I made the classic mistake of changing two things.

1) I upgraded Jack from .101 to .103. It seemed to go fine but I have to 
admit I haven't run anything before the next steps but I have reason to 
believe it's part of my problem.

2) I upgraded from 2.0beta12 to 2.0.2.  Scons went smoothly.

3) qjackctl now segfaults after it starts jackd (I didn't change any 
settings.  It seems fine until I hit the start button and then segfaults.

4) if I start jackd manually it starts fine however... when I start 
ardour2.0.2 it segfaults after loading the bindings.

:)  I'm lost.  Any thoughts?  I suppose trying to reinstall Jack .101 
right?  But that seems so defeatist.

Best Regards,

Lawrence T. Levine
Direct: 434-531-5982

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