[ardour-dev] ardour video track

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Tue Mar 27 11:17:12 PDT 2007

I've succeeded to "overlay" a video-timeline with gjvidtimeline.sf.net
(svn version always-on-top over the ardour editor window)

to sync the zoom level & scroll to ardour's editor canvas I use OSC and
a simple patch to ardour. - in order to complete the patch I'd need to
hook into ardour's visual_changer and add some config variables..

so here's the Question before I start coding: is there any chance to get
sth like this merged into ardour-svn ?

--- gtk2_ardour/editor_canvas.cc        (revision 1633)
+++ gtk2_ardour/editor_canvas.cc        (working copy)
@@ -703,6 +703,7 @@
        return FALSE;

+#include <lo/lo.h>

 Editor::canvas_horizontally_scrolled ()
@@ -724,5 +725,9 @@
        update_fixed_rulers ();

        tempo_map_changed (Change (0), !_dragging_hscrollbar);
+       //printf("DEBUG: hscroll! %lu %lu\n",(long unsigned)
leftmost_frame,(long unsigned) rightmost_frame);
+       lo_address a= lo_address_new ("localhost", "7000");
+       lo_send(a,"/ardour2/info/canvas","ii",(unsigned long)
leftmost_frame, (unsigned long) rightmost_frame);

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