[ardour-dev] translate to Polish

Gerd Flaig gefla at pond.sub.org
Tue Mar 20 10:13:47 PDT 2007

Petter Sundlöf <petter.sundlof at gmail.com> writes:

> Szymon Jaworski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to translate ardour to Polish language.
>> Please give me instruction how to do it.
> What you do is copy gtk2_ardour/gtk_ardour.pot and 
> libs/ardour/libardour.pot. You translate the strings within, and be sure 
> to fill in the information fields at the top.
> You then copy it to gtk2_ardour/po/ as pl_PL.po and libs/ardour/po/ 
> pl_PO.po.
> You can check the other po files for comparison.

there's some more information that could be helpful here:


Also, these tools might be of use if you don't want to edit .po files
directly (which of course is also possible with any UTF-8 capable

    * KBabel (Unix KDE)
    * GTranslator (Unix Gnome)
    * poEdit (Multiplatform)
    * Emacs with po-mode (Multiplatform)
    * Vim with PO plug-in (Multiplatform) 

(list taken from Wesnoth-Wiki[1], where there are links for each

         Goodbyte, Gerd.

 [1] http://www.wesnoth.org/wiki/GettextForTranslators#Tools

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