[ardour-dev] Creating sound files

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 10:14:32 PDT 2007

>> Yes, you will want to write the audio clips to disk using libsndfile
>> in this case.  As Paul mentioned, you can check out SndFileSource
>> (libs/ardour/sndfilesource.cc) for an example, or look at the examples
>> that come with libsndfile source code itself.
> two extra points:
> 1) for files that are supposed to be a *part* of the session, i.e. you
> want to "pretend" that they were captured as part of the recording
> process, the path that is used to specify the file is NOT absolute (i.e.
> it does not begin with / (or on windows system [A-Z]:). this indicates
> that the file should be locatable within ardour's usual searched
> directories, such as the one i named. for files that have an existence
> outside the session (for whatever reason: they could be part of sample
> libraries, or you just want to leave them present in the original
> location that <other-DAW> put them in, or something else), the path
> specification must be absolute.
> 2) there is no reason to write small parts of existing AAF files to a
> new file. just specify the entire AAF file as a source, and later a
> region that corresponds to the required data.

Thanks guys.  My plan was to make the source files part of the session
structure (i.e. option 1, above) but I hadn't realised about making the
paths relative.  I'll bear that in mind.

I don't think option 2 would help much because AFAIK there's no simple means
of finding the media as an offset from the start of the AAF file (in fact,
the media needn't necessarily be contiguous and needn't necessarily be in
the right byte order.  That's all handled internally by the AAF toolkit).

I'm hoping to have something workable by the end of June.



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