[ardour-dev] [ardour-users] bug or stupidity ?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Jul 9 10:01:33 PDT 2007

On 7/9/07, Dan Tepper <dan at wintaper.com> wrote:

> Because I did not immediately realize I had moved the start point, I
> ended up with no way to align this track properly other than by ear.
> "original position" didn't work for subsequent takes (loops), however
> even if it did, how would it place the region that (now) spanned two takes?
> I gotta disagree on this one. I know it is not a trivial thing to
> change, but the way this is being handled is counter-intuitive and
> actually increases the chances of error. This handling is already
> causing problems with the original position concept - which frankly I
> don't see how you can resolve as long as I can move the start point of a
> region across two looped takes that really occur at the same point in
> the timeline.

Yeah, I realized this as I was implementing it but forgot to warn
people that the GUI doesn't yet prevent you from trimming outside the
scope of the original region.  I consider this another bug.

> If each take went in its own wav file, there would be no problem with
> "original position" alignment and I would not be able to move start
> points across different takes (loops). This approach would likely
> require less code than what you are doing now, since I would have to
> guess there is some special handling for these looped record regions.

You would be wrong in thinking there is currently special code to
handle this, in fact the lack of said code is allowing this bad
behavior to occur.  Creating separate files is one solution, as is
adding some additional checks... the trade-offs of each are TBD.


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