[ardour-dev] Patch: gtk2_ardour localization on non-UTF8-systems

Sebastian Arnold mailinglists at sebastian-arnold.net
Thu Jan 18 03:32:36 PST 2007

Hi all,

this patch should fix the problem with special chars showing as ? and
menus disappearing in the ardour2 translation on systems having a
non-UTF8 locale setting. (for example de_DE instead of de_DE.UTF-8 as
mentioned recently in the web forum). This will solve bug #0001429.

This patch adds bind_textdomain_codeset in order to read the
UTF8-encoded translation file as UTF8 regardless of the system's locale
setting. Compiled and worked on my box with Beta11.1 and today's(?) svn
version 1345. Could please check someone else if this is working?

This is my first patch to ardour, so I hope everything is ok this way,
tell me if it is not. Thanks!

Best regards,
Sebastian Arnold
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