[ardour-dev] recent SVN commits

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Jan 17 12:15:44 PST 2007

   * dragging region fade in/out now spans region selection
   * ditto for set fade in/out active and shape menu items
   * fix height of the editor hscrollbar
   * add scroll-playhead-{forward,backward}, bound to shift-rightarrow,
shift-leftarrow (not great functionality right now)
   * add sampo's synthesize_sources.pl to the tools dir 
   * changes to improve chances of export finishing successfully
   * fix ordering of cut/copied regions when pasting
   * ctrl-click now does the right thing the first time its used on a
   * fix missing click and other dubious behaviour in new sessions
caused by not connecting to Configuration::ParameterChanged in the new
session constructor
   * ALSA sequencer ports are all owned by a single sequencer client,
not 1 identically-named client per port
   * mo' better fixins fer xfades, plus reinstate hiding xfades during
   * restore slave source setting upon session loading
   * various fixes to named selection mgmt and display, plus fixes for
xfade mgmt

   rev 1340

(about to roll 2.0 beta11)

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