[ardour-dev] Bug related to Region context menu

Nimal Ratnayake nimalr at pdn.ac.lk
Mon Jan 8 10:39:00 PST 2007


When the mouse mode is Range, Zoom or Gain, if mouse button 2
is clicked on a region, the context menu is shown without selecting
the corresponding region.  Selecting a menu item results in the
operation being performed on the currently selected region (or
no operation if none of the regions is currently selected).

I see that the code for selecting the corresponding region when the
context menu pops up is commented out (see appended code).

I wonder why the code is commented out. Would someone who is
more familiar with this code shed some light on?

Possible fix for the problem:
Just select the region as in other mouse modes.But this approach
would create a problem if the mouse is clicked on a crossfade
(cannot select multiple regions). The quick and dirty fix for that is
to not select any region and not include the region context menu
items in the crossfade context menu.

Would this be an acceptable "fix"?


Nimal Ratnayake

================= gtk2_ardour/editor.cc line 4219 onwards ==============
        /* when this particular menu pops up, make the relevant region
           become selected.

        // region_menu->signal_map_event().connect (bind (mem_fun(*this, 
::set_selected_regionview_from_map_event), sv, 

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