[ardour-dev] Mackie design ideas

John Anderson ardour at semiosix.com
Thu Jan 4 12:38:12 PST 2007

On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 04:34 -0800, Mike Taht wrote:
> I looked over the mackie interface and found striking  similarities
> between what I was envisioning and what you are envisioning... except
> that "my" interface (the tranzport) isn't midi. Presently. 

Well, it's pretty much a re-explanation of what Jesse and Paul have said
to me since I started being interested in this. 

>         Is there a Session::refresh or something like that to tell it
>         to redraw changes to the UI and do other necessary updates?
> I was beating up on paul for something like that, but no, we're on our
> own. BaseUI::refresh perhaps?

At this point I need to get my head around what would have to happen
once the values in the controls are updated. So right now I don't know
enough to say whether it would be amenable to abstracting.


> I would love to see commonality in interfaces and widget support - for
> example a std screen class, a class that can draw on any screen, a
> standard means of not only representing buttons but switching button
> masks on the fly to a new "mode" - etc. 

I'm interested in something like that because I've been wondering if
it's possible to convince ardour + surface to semi-automatically do
things like map LADSP plugin controls to fader/pots.

> I've mostly been thinking about building something fairly clean - or
> on top of gdk.

I would have gone with the c++ std library collections here, mainly
because I'm familiar with them, and I'm not familiar with gdk. What's
your thinking behind using gdk?


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