[ardour-dev] Automation

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Thu Jan 4 08:34:55 PST 2007


Finally got around to some ardour testing. It seems it's now approaching
the stability of 0.99.3, and from what I've generally seen I'm pretty 

One thing, though, automation. First, the fader writes in slow motion,
if you move the fader too fast while writing, it won't recognise all the
points. Second, there seem to be issues when writing over an already
existing envelope. I've tried this with controls of various plugins, and
the behaviour seems a bit strange to me. Looks like it tries to take
what's already there into account, so that the resulting envelope is
some kind of sum of the two envelopes.

Took some screenshots:

Also, when ending up with this complex envelope, writing will be very
slow, even when doing it on other parts of that track.

In my mind, when you set one control to write, and don't move it, it
should generate a straight line and nullify whatever's there from
before. At least, when it IS moving, I think it should just erase
whatever's there.

It seems though, that playback of the automation works just fine, as far
as the framerate of my screen and my ears are able to tell ;)

This is with the beta10 released today.

Ringheims Auto - Fri musikk for bilstereo!

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