[Ardour-Dev] Overlaps & crossfades

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Dec 13 11:07:23 PST 2007

I have a few questions about fades and overlapping regions and I wondered if
Paul (or anyone) could answer them....

If 2 regions overlap each other in a playlist, Ardour2 seems to create a
crossfade.  However, this only happens in some circumstances.  There seems
to be a minimum overlap, below which a crossfade doesn't seem to get
created.  Likewise, if I drag a region to reduce its overlap with an
adjacent region, any existing crossfade eventually gets removed - even
though the regions are still slightly overlapping.  Two obvious questions
are these:-

1)  Is there a 'minimum length' for an Ardour crossfade?

2)  What should happen (audibly) if two regions exist in a playlist with a
small overlap but no crossfade?  Do both regions get played or does
one get truncated?

And finally, a question about default fades....

I've noticed that Ardour regions contain two properties named 'FadeIn' and
'FadeOut'.  These, in turn, have an 'active' property (which is
self-explanatory) and a further property called 'default' (whose value in
the session-state file is normally "yes").  If the region actually has a
fade (let's say a FadeIn) of non-zero length, the "default" property for the
FadeIn gets removed and replaced by an AutomationList.   Therefore what
is the significance of the "default"  property?  What does it do when set
to "yes"?  And are there any circumstances where it would exist but have
a value of "no"?



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