[Ardour-Dev] "natural" io port sorting proposal

Martin Rumori lists at rumori.de
Sun Dec 2 10:37:32 PST 2007

hi *,

when working with multichannel setups with more than 9 channels
(actually I had 42 once) I noticed that the track io ports in
input/output/track inspector are not sorted "naturally" (numerically)
but lexically.

This will mix up io port order starting from port 10, even worse if
there are more than 20.  When removing ports then, port "out 9" gets
deleted before port "out 16" for example, since "out 9" is the last in
the list.

I adopted some code I found on the web (not sure whether there is a
better/more efficient one) for io.cc in order to enable numerical port
sorting.  It does more than necessary but it should be tolerant if the
io port naming scheme changes some day.

Attached a patch for io.cc.

I am currently not actively reading ardour-dev, so please include me
in the Cc: if there are any comments to this proposal.

All the best,

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