[ardour-dev] 2.0rc2 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Apr 25 11:57:24 PDT 2007

A week or two on from 2.0rc1, and its time to offer up 2.0rc2:


(DMG to follow), which we hope will be the final release before 2.0. 
At this point, we don't anticipate any code changes at all before
2.0. Read more below for the changes since rc1 ...

Changes since 2.0 rc1

  * change track input connection order to be 1,2 on every track
    instead of odd tracks using 1,2 and even using 2,1 (Sampo)
  * fix autoplay (Jesse)
  * fix cleanup issue with realpath() (Sampo)
  * make region opacity work again
  * fix several region context menu items that altered region state
       in various unforeseen ways
  * fix "Remove Last Capture" (Sampo)
  * fix crashing bug when removing regionviews from the selection
  * fixes for #1158 and 1554 (Carl)
  * correct boundary determination when building region boundary cache
  * stop button release from adding an extra automation control point
  * prevent click in automation tracks from selecting regions
  * prevent copy & paste of sends and inserts. Add "delete" command to 
       the redirect box (Sampo)
  * stop transport when MTC stops
  * improve behaviour when dragging in rulers
  * added the session resampler which now should work for 2.0 sessions 

      and almost work for 0.99 originated session (automation is not
      handled yet) (Sampo)
  * stopped the creation on the automation/ directory in new sessions
      as it's not used anymore (Sampo)
  * fix for crash in diskstream due to removed port access
  * fix dangling jack_client_t* in JACK_Slave when
      disconnecting+reconnecting to JACK
  * make rubber band select act across all tracks, not the current
  * fix positioning of certain kinds of xfades
  * resurrected the periodic safety backup.  
       defaults to 120 second interval between saves. 
       never lose your work again. (Jesse)
  * Fix mantis bug #1619; 
      de-selecting Options->Crossfades->Show now hides all crossfades, 
      and likewise selecting it shows all crossfades. (Carl)
  * Update height after changing order to fix mantis bug #1618 (Carl)
  * Fix update of follow-playhead state to fix mantis bug 1599 (Carl)
  * Fix for gnome themes that squash the zoom controls (Doug)
  * ardour_system.rc now has the same content as ardour.rc, to 
       allow us to more easily add new variable/parameters when 
       updating a user's configuration
  * different name for old-session-format copied file, so that 
      0.99 can always load it
  * fix crash bug caused by removing a region while it was
      involved in a crossfade
  * fix crash bug when loading/creating a new session if
      control protocols had been used in a previous one.

Fixes this release from Paul, Sampo, Jesse, Carl and Doug. Thanks to
them and all our beta testers.

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