[ardour-dev] Control related problem - Ardour 2 RC 1

Quentin Harley qharley at wbs.co.za
Thu Apr 12 23:53:48 PDT 2007

Paul Davis wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 22:15 +0200, Quentin Harley wrote:
>> Quentin Harley wrote:
>>> Here follows the stdout on a session of ardour2, opening a session, 
>>> and starting playback with automation feedback.  The segfault happens 
>>> when the faders are about to start moving.
> please see http://ardour.org/debugging_ardour
> we need a backtrace.
> --p

Right.  Problem #1 is that the ardbg script is nowhere to be found...  
will look for it.

In the mean time I found that I had a grouping selected on my hardware, 
and that it did not want to individually change fader positions without 
a fight.  Ardour lost.
When I removed the group and channel pairing on the mixer, ardour run, 
but I still got the "Ardour - Log" window popping up. continuously 
telling me that

[ERROR]:Session: cannot send quarter-frame MTC message (Bad address)

I propose a change in the feedback code that disables hardware feedback 
with a message in Ardour - Log, (Controller hardware not automatable : 
hardware grouping or pairing suspected) whenever the hardware fights 
back  (PS: I'm brushing up on my C skills, perhaps I'll be joining you 
at the coders table soon)

Don't know what to think of the MTC message though.  It seems that the 
midi channel might be swamped with the control signals (perhaps at the 
wrong times) and this interferes with the MTC?  Just guessing.


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