[ardour-dev] latest SVN commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Oct 30 18:45:41 PST 2006

  * this commit represents about the 95% mark for a radical overhaul of
handling automation state. Automation data is now stored in XML format,
as part of the session file. There are still some things to be done to
make this scale properly and not bog down the system, but the overall
change is one that should have been done years ago. automation state can
now be part of the undo/redo system (including serialization) just as
one would expect. so far i have only tested gain automation.

 * there are some fixes to drawing automation lines that fix a number of
visual glitches that were happening earlier in the 2.0 series and in
0.99. some minor fixes for speed/scaling were added too.
 * automation recording has been restored (the code to do this had been
inadvertently removed)

 * revision 1034

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