[ardour-dev] Using ardour2 in anger...

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Mon Nov 27 07:32:26 PST 2006

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>>    * Another crash happened at random and took gnome-panel with it?! I
>>      saw this happen at least twice. No idea how to reproduce, sorry :(
> Crashes with no backtrace or duplication recipe are of no use to us. Sorry...

i just had this crash too, debian/sid -  but with qjackctl no ardour
involved - I guessed it might be related to the gnome Notification Area
where qjacktl resides in. - gnome wanted to send an automated-bug-report
to maintainers of the "clock-applet" which produced the segfault!
(probably because it's the most active app in my panel)

> http://ardour.org/debugging_ardour

headline news:
ardour is innocent - angry user sentenced to two pages of gdb output :)

>>    * Location bar font size is too big
>>    * When the session gets long the clock's digits don't fit in the box
>>      anymore, they get clipped, the box should really expand or else the
>>      font should get smaller

slightly related: if i disable a clock display (right-click->Mode->Off)
i can not re-enable it again.  - ok. ok. xmag() shows a single pixel
y-width, and with some luck i was able to hit it again ! - Is there a
menu option for this ?

ardour rocks!

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