[ardour-dev] Using ardour2 in anger...

Nick Murtagh nickm at go2.ie
Mon Nov 27 02:19:35 PST 2006


I did some recording with my band on Sunday using ardour2 build from 
subversion on Saturday. It went very well, it's the most stable of any
version of ardour I've used in the past.

We were recording 10 tracks simultaneously and ended up with about
an hour and a half of material saved in one ardour session.

Here are some observations from the recording session:

   * Ardour2 doesn't remember which tracks have been record enabled. This
     is annoying when you have to re-arm 10 tracks...

   * After recording a few songs and pressing stop, the log window came
     up with lots of messages about peak files being unavailable. I
     closed the log window but it kept coming up (a bit annoying in
     itself - if I close the log window I obviously am not interested in
     log messages!). A couple of tracks were missing waveforms. Closing
     ardour and restarting restored the missing waveforms.

   * Ardour2 crashed when I clicked "Play from location" on a location
     marker (not sure if that's the correct menu item, I'm typing this
     from memory).

   * Another crash happened at random and took gnome-panel with it?! I
     saw this happen at least twice. No idea how to reproduce, sorry :(

   * Location bar font size is too big

   * When the session gets long the clock's digits don't fit in the box
     anymore, they get clipped, the box should really expand or else the
     font should get smaller

   * Scrolling left and right causes lots of disk activity and the UI
     hangs for several seconds - sometimes over 10 seconds. This is a
     pretty big session running on a brand new Dell D420 with a 4200RPM
     disk, so maybe this is expected? I got the "your machine is too
     slow" message a couple of times - but only from scrolling (is ardour
     loading the peak data at this point) not from playback or recording.

   * ardour2 + jack + ubuntu edgy + D420 + hdsp = rock solid, no xruns
     during recording or playback.

In summary, ardour2 rocks and I would have no hesitation using it for
all my future recording. Thanks Paul and everyone who's been working on


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