[ardour-dev] ardour2 + behringer BCF-2000 half-ok (+ other problems) beta8

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Fri Nov 24 14:08:41 PST 2006

ok, I've finally made the BCF2000 send the mmc events and control the faders, 
but the feedback does not work. I've activated it in the options -> surface 
control -> feedback, but the faders don't move at all. (the midi link is 
activated in both directions in qjackctl between ardour/control and bcf2000)

I could associate the faders and the rec buttons, but the mute and solo cannot 
be associated.

I also had a crash : I associate a fader (Ctrl-middleclick), I enable feedback, 
then disable it, then move a bcf2000 fader -> it crashes.

I've noticed some other bugs (still in beta8) :

- When autoplay is activated, the playback starts when the mouse button is 
pressed down ; shouldn't it be better to start it on mouse button release ?
The problem is when you press and drag the mouse on the upper timeline, the 
playhead behaves strangely, because it is relocated onto the mouse cursor on 
each mousemove and at the same time it constantly wants to leave the mouse when 
the mouse stops.

- another issue I had : I wanted to install both 0.99 and 2.0, and I made some 
deb packages. While packaging I found that there are some conflicts on the 
gettext domains, which is the same in 0.99 and 2.0 (gtk_ardour in both). I know 
this could be resolved while packaging, but I think there are some things to 
rename in ardour2 so that it can live beside ardour1 with no conflict. (such as 
libardour.mo which is the same)

- I also found that the MTC MMC parameters are not saved with the session (last 
tab of the options window)

- I had a crash while adding 27 tracks at the same time

- in ardour with vst support, but with no vst plugin installed, if you open the 
window that let you add a plugin, then go to the (empty) vst tab, then click on 
"add", nothing should happen but actually it add a ladspa plugin.


Lukas Erni wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 23. November 2006 09:05 schrieb Christophe Combelles:
>> Paul Davis wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2006-11-22 at 23:45 +0100, Christophe Combelles wrote:
>>>> After tried everything and the BCF2000 still doesn't work. I've
>>>> also tried to add an ardour0.99-like entry in ardour.rc (which
>>>> mentions /dev/snd/midiCxDx), and nothing.
>>>> How does ardour2 know where to find the midi device ?
>>> i missed out a step.
>>> use the MIDI tab in qjackctl to connect the "control" port of
>>> ardour to the BCF. you could use aconnect too, or other similar
>>> tools.
>> I've also tried that, but as soon as I try to connect them, the
>> link disappears immediately.
> i've had this one with 0.99 or even earlier beccause of the entry in 
> ardour.rc. as soon as I cleaned it out the connection just worked.
> lukas
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