[ardour-dev] "F11" notebook resizing problem

Brian Ahr brianahr at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 17:05:15 PST 2006

Hi All.
I decided to look at that problem of the edit_pane divider not being set 
correctly, when the user hits F11 repeatedly. So, I went through about 
everything I could think of to try and fix that problem. In the process, 
I realized the following:

* If Ardour is maximized (but not full screen), F11 seems to work as it 
is expected, and the divider's position is set appropriately (or close 
* If Ardour is not maximized (and not full screen), GTK seems to 
under-compensate the position of the divider by abs(full_screen_width - 

I wrote a small external gtk application to verify this - so it looks 
like Ardour's code is not at fault. It seems that either, its an 
"undocumented feature" of GTK, or it's a bug.

Included is a patch to compensate for the issue. :-)

I'd ask that the developers check this out, and decide whether or not it 
should be compensated for manually.

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