[ardour-dev] ardour2.0beta8rev1124-7Htesting

Roger Depreeuw rogdepre at skynet.be
Mon Nov 13 16:05:08 PST 2006

I used this release for more then 7 hours without a single crash, or a
locked up session. I also moved the edit cursor quite a lot and
everything worked fine. This time i didn't use any ladspa plugins.
That's the difference with previous testings.
Some remarks (not related to this version only):
1 When you record a mix of some tracks and you keep on recording beyond
the tracks/regions you sometimes get a scratchy sound or sometimes very
loud crack (like 10dB). It sounds like an old issue in ardour1.
2 When selecting a "Loop Range", the range gets highlighted but only the
upper part of the window.
3 Today i used several vst plugins, (Vintagewarmer,PSP-mixpack) , each
of them connected to an Ardour Stereo bus through lashd/fst. They were
used in the mix and mastering process. Everything works smoothly, so i'm
beginning to wonder what the advantages are of having an ardourvst
Congratulations to the team, i believe, with this version, you reached
another milestone in this project.

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