[ardour-dev] SVN Commits

Doug McLain doug at nostar.net
Wed Nov 8 02:25:03 PST 2006

*  Set Treeview colors in rc file to over ride any desktop theme settings

* Some color tweaks to the UI.  Added a hint more blue to the dark grey 
base color

* Merged clearlooks 0.6.2 source into libs/clearlooks.  ATTN las/taybin: 
I need some help with the top level SConscript file for building and for 
installation.  There is a stand alone SConscript that builds the shared 
lib when running scons from inside this directory.  There is also a 
script 'cpdll.sh' that creates the required engines subdirectory, then 
copies libclearlooks.so into it.  Running scons, then ./cpdll.sh will 
complete the procedure to make ardour2 use the internal clearlooks 
engine via the ardev or ardevst script.  The dev startup scripts set 
GTK_PATH to lib/clearlooks.  From the Gtk reference:

GTK_PATH -> For each directory in this list, GTK+ actually looks in a 
subdirectory directory/version/host/type ... type is a directory 
specific to the type of modules; currently it can be modules, engines or 
immodules corresponding to the three types of modules above. Either 
version, host, or both may be omitted.

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