[ardour-dev] 2.0 beta 7 released

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 19:29:35 PST 2006

On 11/7/06, David <dplist at free.fr> wrote:
> It fails again on libs/ardour/version.cc but this time the file is
> generated during each scons run, a manual edit is overridden.
> Is there something missing on my side ?
> Thanks.

I've been getting these problems since beta 6. I don't think the
problem is with svn, but rather that the svn files containing the
needed information are not rolled into the tar ball. If you look into
the version.cc files it reads :

const char* libpbd_revision = "svn: 'libs/pbd' is not a working copy
svn: Can't open file 'libs/pbd/.svn/entries': No such file or directory";

You can edit the SConstruct file to get rid of this garbage. The
offending code starts are line 242:

    cmd = "svn info "
    cmd += source[0].get_path()
    cmd += " | awk '/^Revision:/ { print $2}'"

    rev = commands.getoutput (cmd)

    text  = "const char* " + env['DOMAIN'] + "_revision = \"" + rev + "\";\n"

You can comment those out, and change the following line from "text =+
..." to "text = ..."

You then have to manually set the revision number by hand in the
libs/ardour/version.cc file. (Apparently that variable isn't needed
anywhere from any of the other version.cc files because everything
compiles fine without that variable being set)

Perhaps the SVN folders need to be rolled into the tarballs when
creating a release?


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