[ardour-dev] 2.0 beta 7 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Nov 6 13:46:06 PST 2006

After a frenetic week or two of activity, many fixes to the biggest
problems seen in beta6 have been completed, and work on the backlog of
issues in the bugtracker has commenced. This means you can now get 2.0
beta 7 as a tarball release. 


There will be a binary release for OS X of this release, stayed tuned
for an announcement.


* better error messages if building with VST=1 but the VST is not
        correctly installed

* make the VST version be startable via the development script

* fix zoom focus = Edit Cursor (Brian Ahr)

* fix (implement) play-from-edit-cursor (Brian Ahr)

* save mixer strip comments (Brian Ahr)

* auditioning from sound file browser now works again

* explicitly set UTF-8 encoding of session files

* closing about dialog works again with GTK 2.10

* remove fade curve nonsense from region popup editor

* save locations correctly in templates

* center gain meter display, BBT ruler fixes 

* made destructiveness be a mode rather than a property (i.e. move
       all code from DestructiveFileSource to SndFileSource)

* highlight current snapshot in snapshot list

* save changes to destructive-xfade-msecs

* do not quit from New Session dialog if user press Quit with
       a session already loaded

* plugin window titles follow track/bus name changes

* remove auto-loop from Configuration object, allow looping to stop
       and normal playback to continue

* fix thread race condition related to waveview creation, which led
       to corruption and odd effects in tracks

* do not remove start/end markers when clearing locations

* allow track selection to be toggled

* fix offset issues for tape/destructive tracks

* correct marker replication during undo/redo

* updated russian translation

* update LADSPA_PATH default to include x86_64 and OSX directories

* fix bug in find_next_region() when starting frame matches a region

* sync up snap-type/snap-mode/zoom focus elements in the GUI

* rename libsndfile to libsndfile-ardour to avoid inadvertent linkage
      against unusable system libsndfile

* completely redesign automation state management (still in progress,
      but 100% functional), and remain back-compatible with older

* improve efficiency and correctness of automation line display

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