[ardour-dev] Spanish translation

Ernesto Manríquez novaasc at vtr.net
Sun Nov 5 07:06:24 PST 2006

Greetings, developers of the greatest free DAW in the world.

Your work has been, and is, great, but the current state of the Spanish 
translation of Ardour is pathetic. It hasn't been updated since release 
0.688. That's A LOT OF TIME WITHOUT UPDATES!. Some developers tried to give 
Spanish translation some love, but they don't know Spanish. They made their 
best efforts, but they did not suceed.

So, let me capture the flag, and make a proper Spanish translation for Ardour. 
I'm already working on that, with the latest Ardour2 SVN. Take it as 
my "license fee" for such a great "Software Libre" project, as we say in 

You'll hear from me, here, soon.

Thank you all.

Alejandro Nova™.

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