[ardour-dev] Ardour2 - SVN 1070 - Crash to desktop issue (Automation related?)

Shayne O'Connor flowbot at machinehasnoagenda.com
Sat Nov 4 17:00:33 PST 2006

Annan H wrote:
> Hi All,
>   I encountered the following crash while trying to record a stereo
> track.  There is an issue with stereo tracks as well; as the track
> records, the waveform gets written appropriately, however when
> recording is stopped, the waveform disappears, and playing back the
> track only plays silence. 
i've been having a little bit of a look at this lately, and it seems
that the audio actually is recorded, but it gets pushed back beyond the
region that is created ... (pushed << that way) ... if you drag the
region handle to increase its length back to the left, you can sometimes
see the waveforms blink in and out of existence and even hear them ...
but they aren't aligned or displayed, really ... in any case, it appears
recording is broken atm.


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