[ardour-dev] Unpacking the tarball(s)

Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 3 07:03:11 PST 2006

.in files are generally files which are templates for other files to be created from.  So something like ardour.rc.in generates the ardour.rc file as part of the build.

.ac is autoconf.  .am is automake.  .po files hold the translations.  You can pretty much ignore the .ac and .am files, I hope.  They are leftovers from a previous build system.

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>Thanks Paul,
>Manually changing the extensions to ".bz2" seems to have solved the problem.
>Most of the source files have the extension ".cc" - are they C++?  It looks
>like they are.  There are also some files with extensions I don't recognise,
>like ".in", ".ac", ".am" and ".po".  I guess I need to find the proper
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