[ardour-dev] Ardour2 SVN: minor issues (some major?)

Shayne O'Connor flowbot at machinehasnoagenda.com
Wed Nov 1 21:01:49 PST 2006

got a good chance to do some work in Ardour2 SVN today, so here's my
findings ...

(in general, freshly created Ardour2 sessions are working pretty much
perfectly, while old Ardour sessions are *almost* compatible, but suffer
from a variety of, uh, legacy (?) issues  ... i should clarify what i
mean by "old sessions", too - these are sessions i've been working on
since 0.99* that have been migrated to Ardour2 svn for a few months now).

= Minor Issues =

* Can't close About dialogue. (was reported by chris goddard as, once
viewed, not being able to view again ... probly same issue).

* Can't create new playlists in older sessions - must be fresh Ardour2
svn project.

* Visibility of Measures comes and goes depending (seemingly dependant
on zoom level).

* The only way to open a second session is to first close the current
one, then select the new one from the "Open Session" dialogue. But if
you have an already open project, and then try to open a different one
from the "Recent" dialogue, Ardour will zombify.

* Track comments are lost as soon as a different track is selected.

* Opening older sessions will generally make the ardour: Log window
output varying amounts of this line: [ERROR]: automation list: no
x-coordinate stored for control point (point ignored)  ... (says it's
ignored, so probly means nothing, i guess)

= Major (?) Issues =

* The first session you open in Ardour2 sets the sync properly (ie -
Internal or Jack), but all subsequent sessions opened will leave the
sync preference unset, so that when you press Play, the playhead starts
moving but no sound is output, and the Stop button stays green.
Re-selecting the sync option will get things moving again.

* Exporting of older ardour sessions hard-locks the computer on
completion of export.

=== For these last two issues, I got some stuff from ./ardbg, but i'm
not sure it's relevant - if they might be, just ask me for them on IRC,
and i'll paste them up. ===


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