[ardour-dev] Ardour2 issues

Chris Goddard chris at oofus.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 1 08:28:22 PST 2006


A few findings.

1. The state of the 2 main TC displays doesn't get remembered between session 

2. Keyboard shortcuts 'Tab' and 'CTRL-Tab' don't work.

3. There are two different places to configure meter parameters. The 'View' 
menu and the 'Options' menu. I feel there should only be one. Options 

4. Once the 'About' window has been viewed, it's impossible to view it again. 
Also, shouldn't it be in the 'Help' menu ?

5. The 'input', 'pre', 'post' state of channels in the mixer are not 
remembered between session loads.

6. If a mixer channel is set to narrow, this is not remembered between session 

7. CTRL clicking on a fader in the mixer, I assume, should take it down 
to -inf ? Seems to jump to about -50 and then each subsequent ctrl click 
causes it to jump to a different value around the -50 mark.

that's it for now. 




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